Purchase Orders and Inventory

Creating a Purchase Order

Here you can learn the basic steps for creating a new Purchase Order and direct it to any combination of Call Slips and Inventory locations.

(4 minutes, 50 seconds)

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Receiving a Purchase Order

This tutorial shows you what to do when the items ordered on a P.O. have been delivered by the Vendor.

(3 minutes, 15 seconds)

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Returning Purchase Order Items

This tutorial demonstrates how to return items from a Purchase Order to the vendor, using Negative Receiving Slips. This tutorial covers both serialized and non serialized items being returned.

(3 minutes, 20 seconds)

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Watch this presentation to learn how to create new Inventory Stock items and adjust quantities in stock.

(4 minutes, 47 seconds)

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Warehouses and Trucks

This tutorial reviews the procedures for creating new warehouse and truck locations, and moving inventory between them.

(4 minutes, 41 seconds)

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Serialized Inventory

This tutorial discusses the special rules that apply to major units of equipment, which have individual Serial Numbers that can be tracked in the ACOWIN system.

(5 minutes, 12 seconds)

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Assemblies are lists of material you prepare in advance for certain kinds of work. When you select the Assembly on a Call Slip, Quick Quote, Job, PO or other supported screen, all of its component items are brought onto the screen.

(5 minutes, 3 seconds)

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