Service Billing

Service Invoices

This presentation covers the basics of turning a completed Call Slip into a final invoice.

(7 minutes, 10 seconds)

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Flat Rate Billing

If your company uses Flat Rate Price Books to calculate service billing in the field, you should watch this tutorial to learn how Flat Rate prices are entered on ACOWIN Call Slips.

(5 minutes, 3 seconds)

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Miscellaneous Charges

This tutorial will show you how to add surcharges to your Call Slips for items such as fuel, cleaning, freight, etc. Negative Miscellaneous Charges can be used for Discounts or Coupons.

(2 minutes, 32 seconds)

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Synchronizing with QuickBooks

If you are a QuickBooks user, you can watch this tutorial to learn how completed invoices are sent to QuickBooks with the QB Sync process in ACOWIN.

(3 minutes, 14 seconds)

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Exporting to Other Accounting Systems

The procedure for exporting Credits and Debits to other supported Accounting Systems, including PeachTree and MYOB is covered in this tutorial.

(5 minutes, 8 seconds)

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Credit Invoices

This presentation demonstrates the use of credit invoices to modify the balance of invoices that have already been posted to Accounts Receivable.

(1 minute, 52 seconds)

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Creating Equipment from Serialized Inventory

This presentation shows you how Serialized Inventory can be automatically copied into the Equipment File, making equipment data available to the service department on future Call Slips.

(2 minutes, 9 seconds)

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Transferring Payments Collected to QuickBooks

This tutorial shows you how a “Collected” amount in ACOWIN flows to QuickBooks and creates a payment during the QuickBooks Sync process.

(1 minute, 33 seconds)

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